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Once you have engaged us to process your eligibility to be granted an Australian visa and/or to be 'Skills Assessed' we will conduct an in-depth and targeted evaluation of each potential immigrant's current eligibility. 

You will be asked to complete an Analytical Questionnaire, the results of which will provide us with specific and precise information we require to ensure the advice provided to you will guide you towards the correct visa and/or 'Skills Assessment'.

This process will precisely align your current immigration status with the correct visa in the correct visa category and (where required) the correct 'Skills Assessment Authority'.

We cannot emphasize enough how most people know the correct visa category but within each category there are many subclass's of visas and quite often the incorrect one is chosen. 

Remember, The Department of Immigration and Border Protection will not refund Visa Application fees, (which are now substantial), in the event you apply for the incorrect visa.

Based on the information provided, ASC Migration will however guarantee NEVER to advise any potential visa applicant to apply for a visa and/or a 'Skills Assessment' they are ineligible to be granted. 

This policy ensures that they will NEVER expend any fees applying for a visa (or skills assessment) they would be ineligible to be granted.

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