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To study in Australia there are many types of visas.
To remain in Australia there are many options.

Student Visas are an excellent way to improve your skills and employability. They can also give you more options in applying for longer-stay visas such as Graduate Skilled Visas and Skilled Migration.

Before applying for a student visa, students must have been accepted for full-time study in a registered course in Australia and meet other eligibility requirements

Students must provide evidence that they are a “Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)” before they can be granted a student visa. Evidence that may be required could include evidence that they have the financial capacity to cover living costs in Australia.

This includes tuition fees, travel costs and capacity to support any family members, and they must also satisfy a certain English language level.

For students who are lacking in ‘English’ or wish to combine 2 courses they might 'package' their studies to combine a preliminary course with their main course of study on the one student visa. Again specific advice should be obtained before embarking on this pathway to migration success.

The criteria for student visas constantly change and are due for even stricter requirements from July 1 2016, which is why you should seek the assistance of a Australian Registered Migration Agent when completing your application.

To confirm your eligibility to apply for a Student Visa please CLICK HERE and you will be redirected to our 'Expert Consultation Advice and Professional Visa Services'  page. Firstly, complete 'Your Details' then...

Under "Professional Visa Services" please choose 'Eligibility Analysis - Student Visa ONLY' . We will then provide you with a detailed questionnaire, analyse your eligibility and provide you with a clear and detailed report of the steps you need to take to progress towards achieving your dream of studying, then remaining in Australia after your studies.

If you are eligible to progress, and you engage us to do so, no further fees are payable to ASC Migration if you engage us to process your application.

Remember, to optimise your chances of remaining in Australia always engage an 
Australian Registered Migration Agent, to map your future.

 Student Visa Information

International Students - Staying in Australia 

Receive up to $1500 or more towards your graduate visa processing fee

Are you planning to study in Australia? Save hundreds of dollars on visa processing fees and receive expert support from the experienced team at ASC Migration.

Plan your graduate visa pathway now before leaving your home country. 

At ASC Migration we will help you choose the right course to study in Australia, make plans for you with the most suitable educational institution, and plan your graduate visa pathway, all at no cost to you.

How does it work?

Many students, once in Australia, would love to stay and call Australia home but, because they entered Australia on a limited visa pathway, have to return to their home country and apply for re-entry into Australia.

ASC Migration uses a ‘Staged Migration Service’ to gauge their eligibility to be granted an Australian student visa initially, and then plan their pathway to remain in Australia.

Step one: Complete an Eligibility Analysis for Students (click here)
This will help us to determine the most flexible visa pathway for you that will allow you to plan your graduate visa once you have completed your undergraduate studies.

We will ascertain what course you want to study? What are your goals? And which courses to look to, which will enhance your options of remaining in Australia? Our in-depth assessment will gauge your eligibility to apply for a student visa. We will identify any gaps in your application that may hinder your efforts to stay in Australia in the long term and will advise you which student visa pathways lead towards permanent residency.

Step two: Applying for University/College and a Student Visa

We will refer you to the most appropriate educational institution or university using the details we have compiled from your assessments. The university will assess your eligibility and determine if you meet their requirements for your chosen course.

ASC Migration will receive a commission from your institution, which we will use to pay for your student visa processing fees. From the commission received, we will also retain 5% of those fees to partly fund your graduate visa processing (providing, of course, you engage ASC Migration to process it). This means that ASC Migration will act on your behalf without cost to you until you are ready to complete your graduate visa.

Step three: Applying for Graduate Visa

As we will have already planned your graduate visa options, and once you do graduate, we will process those options via the ‘Graduate Work’ stream or the ‘Post-Study Work’ stream. And once again, please remember if you have engaged us initially, we will retain 5% of your course fees (up to $1500) (or more) and use those fees to partly fund your graduate visa processing.

Step four: Permanent Residency

Congratulations! At this point, you will have been in Australia for a number of years, and you will have completed the pathway we set out for you.  Your permanent residency application and processing will now begin.  ASC Migration will act on your behalf and work with you to complete your pathway to citizenship.

Your permanent residency application is the critical stage in this process. Previously, securing an Australian visa was quite a straight-forward process but this is not the case anymore. Transitioning from a ‘Student Visa’ to a ‘Skilled Visa’ and permanent residency in Australia is now an extremely precise and specific process.

As your trusted MARA agent, we will act on your behalf to ensure that your permanent residency application goes through with as little fuss as possible. 

Step five: Citizenship

The goal of all permanent residents is to eventually become citizens. In Australia, that has become increasingly difficult and is unlikely to become easier in the future. We will help you with this stage of your migration journey and ensure your Australian citizenship is awarded as efficiently as possible.


Don’t do things yourself. Studying, as well as living in a new country is going to be difficult enough. Using ASC Migration, a registered MARA agent, from beginning to end will ensure the best possible chance of success for you.

ASC Migration is a family-owned agency.  We migrated to Australia over twenty years ago and became citizens ourselves.  We know what it takes to move permanently to Australia, and promise to support you through all aspects of the migration journey.

Select the link to complete the assessment ‘Eligibility Analysis – Student Visa ONLY’ (under ‘Expert Visa Service Options’) today and move your future in the right direction.

It's only $60.00, and if you are eligible to proceed, not only will there no further processing fees due, but you will also be eligible to retain up to $1500 towards your ‘Graduate Skilled Visa’ processing fees.

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